Zach Maxwell

'“Music for Life” is the first EP released by multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter, vocalist, and dancer Zach Maxwell.   Written, produced and performed by the artist himself, “Music for Life” is a revelatory experience that combines the best of contemporary pop, funk, gospel and soul, with the intention of exploring higher realms of consciousness through music.  While brilliantly maintaining an accessibility to music lovers across ages and dispositions with its catchy hooks and danceable grooves, “Music for Life” is an initiation to the mystic's path.   For some, music can put us in touch with something greater than ourselves.  It can be a catalyst for the transcendental, give us a taste of the supernatural, or brush us up against the face of Eros.  Such was the intention behind the creation of “Music for Life.”'   Excerpt from the Press Release for "Music For Life," released February 1st, 2018

The Unseen Spirit

“I am the Unseen Spirit which informs All subtle essence! I flame in fire, I shine in Sun and Moon, planets and stars! I blow with the winds, roll with the waves! I am the man and woman, youth and maid! The babe newborn, the withered ancient, propped Upon his staff! I am Whatever is— […]

Michael Jackson’s Ghost

I’ve made it no secret on this blog how much I love the band Phish. However, I haven’t spoken as much about my epic and equal love affair with Michael Jackson’s music. Like literally millions of people around the world, Michael’s music has inspired me and changed my life in so many ways. He was […]